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At CryptoForensics, we understand clearly that many promise, but few deliver in getting you the real help you need. By aligning ourselves with industry-leading products, complementary experts and trade organizations, we are able to better serve you.

At CryptoForensics, security is our only business. We believe in and stay committed to providing these services without being distracted by other business ventures. As a result, we rely strongly on helping clients through referrals and business relationships. It only works if we all seek a win win win objective. We are principled in our commitment that no matter how the relationship goes, everyone walks away a winner. As such, CryptoForensics is very flexible from a partnership perspective to achieve this.

Even though we are committed to remain vendor agnostic, we like to introduce our clients to some of the top products and services on the market that we ourselves use regularly, some of which are available through CryptoForensics or personal referral.

How We Partner:

We have select partners in a variety of consulting and technology areas to ensure that we provide the right solution to our clients in a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way. Our program encompasses four tiers of partners, each bringing their own expertise, much like you would expect from CryptoForensics



CryptoForensics Strategic Partners bring a fully encompassing solution to our clients. As a trusted advisor for our clients, we often are requested to develop customized solutions that cover areas beyond security. In these cases, our strategic partners work with us to help our clients in areas such as IT Management, Integration, and General Consulting.

Product Integration

Because we do not develop products, we rely on the best of breed technologies to support our services. And whether it is vulnerability scanning, application testing, or risk management, we use the best products available on the market to provide our clients the highest value of service possible.


Services and Product Referrals

With our expertise in security, our clients have often asked for recommendations for tools and products. We have tested and vetted—and continue to test—a variety of products and can help a client organization determine which product will best fulfill their needs. With this knowledge, we are able to make referrals to the best products on the market to meet the identified needs and challenges.

Referral relationships are very important to us and serve as an invaluable service to our clients. The business and security puzzle is complex and requires specialized expertise that may not always be available in-house. We leverage referral relationships to maintain independence and provide our clients with the answers they need, when they need them, and at a cost that meets their expectations.


What's New?

Cyber Defense Diversification
Today, most enterprises try to deal with cybersecurity threats by focusing inwardly through conducting vulnerability assessments, making detailed network maps, and in some cases, deploying robust patch management processes to continuously monitor their networks and systems. While this approach provides some benefits, against many cyber threats it's ineffective. Most corporate networks are so large and complex that it's simply too difficult to identify all of their assets, or all of their vulnerabilities, and patch them fast enough. Today's cyber wrongdoers are sophisticated, well-funded, and patient—they use a wide range of techniques to penetrate even well-protected enterprises...


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